Major Functions

(a) Management and Protection of HKUST Intellectual Property

  • Monitor inventions, discoveries, copyrighted works and technical information arising from HKUST research works
  • Conduct technology review and market assessment for commercialization opportunity
  • Handle patent application and administration
  • IP portfolio cultivation and management
  • Protect HKUST’s intellectual property rights
  • Organize IP seminars for HKUST community

(b) Technology Marketing

  • Establish contacts with industry and public sector both locally and overseas
  • Prepare and update marketing materials to promote the university’s research outputs
  • Organize open-innovation workshop, industry day and sharing session for technology dissemination
  • Organize and participate in technology exhibitions and fairs

(c) Seek Research Collaborations and Funding from Industry

  • Identify potential collaborative opportunities and partners
  • Solicit industrial funding for collaborative research projects
  • Solicit industrial sponsorship for matching government funding applications

(d) Technology Licensing and Commercialization

  • License HKUST technology to industrial partners worldwide
  • Manage and operate HKUST Proof-of-Concept Fund

(e) Project and Contract Development

  • Assist faculty to form industrial collaborative project by careful planning and due diligence
  • Negotiate terms for collaborative research projects and industry sponsored research projects
  • Assist in settlement of Non-Disclosure Agreement / Materials Transfer Agreement, technology licensing and collaborative research contracts and inter-institutional IP agreement

 (f) Enhance Entrepreneurial Technology Transfer and Start-up Incubation

  • Support creation of start-up companies and entrepreneurship activities
  • Manage and operate Technology Startup Support Scheme for University (TSSSU) and HKUST U*Star Program to synergize with other entrepreneurial efforts in HKUST
  • Develop other Startup Accelerators or funding scheme to facilitate proactive engagement of  internal staff and students in entrepreneurial technology transfer
  • Organize promotional activities to expose HKUST startups to potential industrial partners or investors